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Track Phone Calls from your website with Google Analytics

Now you can track phone call response to your pay-per-click advertising campaigns in two ways:


1. Normally you will see here our main phone number,
which is 0844 884 2730:

2. Now click this URL to see the number
change to 0844 884 5152:

3. Now click here to see the same number
on a second demo page

How to set up a different phone number for each campaign:

  1. Get adcall 084 Virtual Switchboard phone numbers - the first two are free.

  2. Install this Adcall PHP Phone Script on every page of your web site by following these PHP Script Installation Instructions.

  3. Assign a different 084 phone number to each campaign and, on your pay-per-click account, append it to the destination URL for that campaign in the format shown in the above script instructions.

How to set up phone call tracking:

  1. Go to Google Analytics, open an account and make a note of your Google Analytics tracking code, which is in the form UA-XXXXXXX-XX.

  2. Go to adcallSwitchboard.co.uk, open an account and choose your first free 084 phone number then choose "Get new number" to claim your second free 084 phone number.

  3. Login to your adcallSwitchboard account, click on "Analytics" and follow on-screen instructions to enter your Google Analytics tracking code.

  4. How to set up Google Analytics is explained in this downloadable PDF document:
    Tracking Phone Call Response with Google Analytics.

Existing Switchboard Users:
Click here to login.

What our customers say:

"Having been tasked with setting up a European Office I have set about looking for suppliers with a certain amount of nervousness. However using Adcall has been a delight. From my first contact to request free call numbers to having them connected to new premises before we moved in, was effortless. An exemplary service and one I readily commend to your prospective clients. Thanks again."
WR, Wokingham

"I wish to express my gratitude for your professionalism. I will refer any individual who is expressing an interest in telephone numbers to contact Adcall, as I know they would be handled with care and professionalism."
MA, Newcastle-U-Tyne

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"I've passed your name to several other companies in my building, which I think could use your service."
SA, Wilts

"Very easy to use site. I found navigation simple."
MT, Coventry

"Thank you for your prompt actions and help. It is as always a pleasure doing business with you."
RS, Surrey

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